Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at PicVisa

Nowadays, the topic of artificial intelligence and robotics has become much more broad and exploited than it was in the past 20 years. We have all heard of these terms but how many of us actually know what companies offering such solutions do? Artificial intelligence is all around is, we use it in our daily

Choose Sustainability, Innoenergy

We may all agree that in the recent years sustainability has become a ‘hot topic’. Every day more and more people are choosing to follow the ‘better way’, the sustainable way, with some of their actions in their daily life. Similarly, considerable number of companies are continuing to implement such solutions into their products and

Follow your students’ progress, ESADE Loyola

Project Brief: Being a student is certainly not always easy. It requires a big percentage of organisational and management skills plus let's not forget the studying, of course. Often students are complaining that they don’t have enough resources and time to complete their projects in an agile way. Or that they don’t receive enough guided