Project Brief:

Being a student is certainly not always easy. It requires a big percentage of organisational and management skills plus let’s not forget the studying, of course. Often students are complaining that they don’t have enough resources and time to complete their projects in an agile way. Or that they don’t receive enough guided support and feedback from their teachers. These issues can have a serious result on their overall future performances. 

In order to prevent that, our client “Esade Layola” decided to implement our digital platform “Accelearia” as a learning software for their MBA students. We provide them with access to more than 200 educational documents, as well as, a tool where that will complete all their projects in an agile way. Let’s also not forget about the teachers! Through “Acceleralia” they check the progress of their students, upload e-learning and materials, as well as, offer them feedback. In order to visualize the progress of the students, each project ends with a presentation thanks to our smart printing services. 

As for the MBA students of “Esade Layola”, they don’t have to spend a significant amount of time finding the best resources and organizing their projects anymore. Because their most important role now is to study. And as Marta Collins said: “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it”. 

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