Nowadays, the topic of artificial intelligence and robotics has become much more broad and exploited than it was in the past 20 years. We have all heard of these terms but how many of us actually know what companies offering such solutions do? Artificial intelligence is all around is, we use it in our daily lives and it has become an inevitable part of our routines. Google Maps, Digital Assistants, Face Detection and Recognition and E-Payments are only a few well known examples of such. So now we can imagine how big the power of artificial intelligence and robotic is.

Our client ‘Picvisa’ offers innovative technology-placed solutions based on robotics, artificial intelligence and machine vision with the crear mission to develop sorting and classification technologies under a continuous product innovation.

While they have already finished a project with our platform ‘Acceleralia’, they are on their way to continue their acceleration process with us.

With the help of our experts and mentors, ‘Piscvisa’ are on the right track of their skyrocketing journey.

We at ‘2DigitsGrowth’ have recognised the power of robotics and artificial intelligence and the crucial role these solutions have on different industries. We believe that in the future these technologies will have an even bigger positive impact and as Rodney Brooks said ‘Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a threat’.

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