Our Process

One Process, Infinite Acceleration Opportunities

Follow our 7-step process and accelerate your projects in an effective and efficient way

Platform demo and expert presentation

Meet our platform for digital acceleration and the team of experts that will help you grow your projects and businesses. More than a platform for acceleration, we offer an ecosystem of networks with mentors, investors and partners.

It’s time to start accelerating your business. Define with your mentor the objectives for the next two months and schedule the sprint.

Sprint and Goal Definition

Follow our project management tool

Within our platform you will find the entire schedule of tasks and objectives for the coming months. With our project management tool you will be able to keep track of all your tasks with our mentors and be sure that you achieve your business results on time.

Start your acceleration tasks within the platform. Change each task from “to be completed” to “to be reviewed” and wait for your mentoring sessions to discuss next steps. Follow your specific acceleration track and be sure to update your mentor on progress.

Work Hard, Accelerate More

Tutoring Sessions

During each race you will have several mentors with top experts assigned to your project. By gathering knowledge and feedback you will be able to iterate and improve your strategy.

This is the time to review your progress and the achievement of your goals. Multiple sprints can be run within our platform and mentors will guide you along the way. With joint efforts, we ensure that you will achieve your goals and business results.

Sprint Review

Acceleration is a never-ending process. We dare you to continue to accelerate your projects with us and create an endless acceleration cycle. 

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