Our Benefits

Our Benefits

More than just software, we offer an acceleration ecosystem. Features that help you track acceleration progress, work with your team and get feedback from our experts. Here are our key benefits.

Guided Acceleration

We design acceleration steps and tracks for you to follow so that you never feel lost during your project.

Present to Investors

Present your best projects and business ideas to our group of capital partners and investors to  obtain funding.

Acceleration Mentors

Access the mentor board, select the ideal mentor according to your vertical and start validating your projects.

Work in Teams

Trabaja con tu equipo y tutores, sigue todos tus proyectos y colabora para hacerlos crecer y sobresalir.

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Design and manage all your projects

With our project management features you will never feel lost. Know how far you have come and how far you can still go within our solutions.

Trackable Metrics

You will have access to a dashboard and will be able to track your progress and acceleration metrics. Your mentors will get a 360° overview and their advice will help you move to the next step.

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Smart Print Your Pitch

After completing all acceleration stages, we will prepare an executive summary or business pitch according to your needs. Let’s get interested parties on board.

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